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  • Characterizing plasma conditions in radiatively heated solid-density samples with x-ray Thomson scattering. A. Saunders, B. Lahmann, G. Sutcliffe, J. Frenje, R. Falcone, T. Doppner, Phys Rev. E, Vol. 98, p. 063206 (2018).
  • Anomalous material-dependent transport of focused, laser-driven proton beams. J. Kim, C. McGuffey, D. Gautier, A. Link, G. Kemp, E. Giraldez, M. Wei, R. Stephens, S. Kerr, P. Poole, R. Madden, B. Qiao, M. Foord, Y. Ping, H. McLean, J. Fernandez, F. Beg, Nature Scientific Reports, Vol. 8, p. 17538 (2018).
  • Experimental Measurements of Ion Heating in Collisional Plasma Shocks and Interpenetrating Supersonic Plasma Flows. S. Langendorf, K. Yates, S. Hsu, C. Thoma, M. Gilmore, Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol. 121 p. 185001 (2018).
  • Magnetized plasma target for plasma-jet-driven magneto-intertial fusion. S. Hsu, S. Langendorf, J. Fusion Energy, p. 1 - 17 (2018).
  • Zeeman spectroscopy as a method for determining the magnetic field distribution in self-magnetic-pinch diodes (inverted). S. Patel, M. Johnston, T. Webb, N. Bennett, D. elch, R. Gilgenbach, M. Cuneo, M. Kiefer, J. Leckbee, M. Mazarakis, D. Muron, T. Renk, S. Simpson, R. Doron, S. Biswas, D. Mikitchuk, Y. Maron, Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 89, p. 10D123 (2018).
  • Towards a novel stellar opacity measurement scheme using stability properties of double ablation front structures. A. Colaitis, J.-E. Ducret, M. Le Pennec, X. Ribeyre, S. Turck-Chieze, Physics of Plasmas, Vol. 25, p. 072707, (2018)
  • Using the ROSS optical streak camera as a tool to understanding laboratory experiments on Laser-driven magnetized shock waves. A. Liao, P. Hartigan, G. Fiksel, B. Blue, P. Graham, J. Foster, C. Kuranz, High Power Laser Science and Engineering, Vol. 6, p. 22 (2018).
  • Soft X-ray backlighter source driven by a short-pulse laser for pump-probe characterization of warm dense matter. C. McGuffey, M. Dozieres, J. Kim, A. Savin, J. Park, J. Emig, C. Brabetz, L. Carlson, R. Heeter, H. McLean, J. Moody, M. Schneider, M. Wei, F. Beg, Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 89, p. 10G122 (2018).
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