Atomic Data

Atomic Model Builder

Atomic Model Builder is a utility that provides users a convenient way to customize their atomic model. It allows users to:
  • Select the atomic levels from the ATBASE atomic database that are to be included in a collisional-radiative simulation (SPECT3D, PrismSPECT, HELIOS-CR, or PrOpacEOS).
  • Collapse the atomic energy levels from the database into bundled levels (or superconfigurations) for use in the computation of:
      • atomic level populations
      • spectra
In general, atomic databases such as ATBASE can contain a very large number of atomic energy levels that are populated and depopulated through a variety of collisional and radiative processes. The purpose of collapsing atomic levels into superconfigurations is to significantly reduce the required computational time and memory for collisional-radiative calculations. Motivation for this can be seen by viewing an example of collapsing levels.

Parameters for atomic models are contained in atomic model files, which are used in several Prism applications. Each atomic model file holds parameters for a single atomic element.

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