Plasma Grid Generator

PLASMAGEN is a grid generation tool within the SPECT3D Imaging and Spectral Analysis suite that is used to set up grids for 1-, 2-, and 3-D plasmas. The application generates output files that can be read into SPECT3D.

Used in conjunction with SPECT3D, PLASMAGEN allows users to simulate the radiative properties of 1-, 2-, and 3-D plasmas composed of user-specified temperature and density distributions.


PLASMAGEN Major Features:

  • Sets up plasma grids for the following geometries:
    • 1-D Cartesian (x)
    • 1-D cylindrical (r)
    • 1-D spherical (r)
    • 2-D Cartesian (x-y)
    • 2-D cylindrical (r-z)

    • 3-D grids can be generated based on 2-D distributions, assuming axial or planar symmetry.
  • Temperature and density distributions are conveniently specified through the use of analytic expressions.
  • Grids are set up using primitives (or objects) such as disks, rectangles, shells, and slabs.
  • Includes a user-friendly graphical interface for setting up and displaying 1-D and 2-D plasma grids, as well as their temperature and density distributions.
  • Includes on-line documentation.
  • Temperatures and densities can be set up using the universal (plasma grid) coordinate system, or the coordinate system of individual objects.