SPECT3D Documentation

On-Line Documentation

SPECT3D comes with on-line documentation and a set of examples that allow users to get started quickly. Many of the user interface windows have Help buttons that go directly to the relevant help page.

Overview Paper

SPECT3D - a multi-dimensional collisional-radiative code for generating diagnostic signatures based hydrodynamics and PIC simulation output, J. MacFarlane, I. Golovkin, P. Wang, P. Woodruff, N. Pereyra, High Energy Density Phys., Vol. 3, pp. 181-190 (2007)

SPECT3D Reports and Whitepapers

The physics algorithms in SPECT3D are the same as those used in PrismSPECT. For examples of post-processing results from radiation-hydrodynamics simulations, readers are referred to HELIOS reports and whitepapers.


Research Papers

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