SPECT3D Visualizer

Spect3D Visualizer displays results from SPECT3D simulations. A list of results that can be displayed by Visualizer is given below.

Spect3D Visualizer also provides an interactive capability with SPECT3D that allows users to display detailed data for individual lines-of-sight (i.e., pixels in the virtual image plane). With this, Visualizer provides users not only the ability to display spectral and imaging results from SPECT3D, but also the ability to gain more physical insight into the plasma properties that affect the images and spectra.

Spect3D Visualizer also contains convolution algorithms that allows users to display results with the effects of instrumental broadening (or smoothing) effects included. Instrumental broadening effects can be applied to:

    • spectra (frequency and time)
    • images (space and time)

Spect3D Visualizer includes an on-line User Manual to assist users in displaying SPECT3D results.


SPECT3D Visualizer Displays:

  • Spectra:
      • spectral line plots for individual simulation times
      • streaked spectra (color contours vs. time and frequency)
      • space-integrated spectra
      • 1-D space-resolved spectra (along vertical or horizontal directions of image plane)
      • spectra due to individual lines-of-sight
  • Images:
    • filtered images (using frequency-dependent response functions)
    • monochromatic images
    • frequency-integrated images
    • optical depth contour plots
  • X-ray diode (XRD) voltage traces
  • Drilldown displays for individual lines-of-sight:
      • plasma properties (T, r)
      • specific intensities at specified frequencies
      • optical depths at specified frequencies
      • ionization fractions
      • electron density